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Krantz Recruiting contacts targeted, licensed candidates using our proprietary multi-touch marketing system. We engage candidates directly to discuss the qualifications required to get started and succeed within the industry.


Krantz Recruiting uses the latest technologies to screen candidates and gain insights into their capabilities, qualifications and drive to succeed. During discovery, candidates answer a battery of qualifying questions and conduct a one-way interview using our virtual technology platform. This stage of our EDGE® Recruiting Process enables us to screen for only those who are qualified for the position. We then identify those who may proceed to the next stage of our recruiting evaluation.


Qualified candidates then move onto the next stage of recruiting process including a live 1:1 video interview. During this interview, candidates are screened with a rigorous series of questions to determine if they possess the critical capabilities and skills to succeed such as: entrepreneurial drive, personal determination, fortitude, financial responsibility, and integrity.


In the concluding stage of Krantz Recruiting's process, we schedule each qualified licensed candidate to meet with the District Manager for a hand-off to execute the on-boarding procedures including: final interviewing, evaluation, background checks, appointment and training.

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Farmers Insurance - Multiple Locations

Patriot Towers - NY


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