Richard BonGiovanni

Experienced Facilitator and Training Delivery Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff and have witnessed Jeff’s outstanding integrity shine through in all that he does. His consistent, positive attitude and impeccable ability to motivate others is second to none! Jeff’s superior facilitation, coaching, consulting and design skills are a direct result of his relentless dedication and passion for excellence. Jeff’s undeniable success in Sales is deeply rooted in his vast knowledge and experience in the industry. Needless to say, Jeff is a true, dynamic, sales professional gifted on multiple levels.

Susan Engelhart Woodhouse

Outbound Telephone Sales Representative at Sefar

Jeff Krantz led a training for the account managers at Sefar last year. He helped create our CHAMPS program, which is a targeted outreach to bring in new business. He is very knowledgeable about the best ways to make an impact whether by phone, email or Linked In. I have followed his recommendations and have had good success bringing in new business.

Candace Carson


I highly recommend working with Jeff in any capacity for a number of reasons. It has been my privilege to be the recipient of both Jeff's mentorship & executive coaching. I also am privileged to be his Director of Client Services. In a nutshell, I have learned a lot from Jeff professionally and in other regards. What struck me about Jeff when I originally came into contact with him was his warm, yet professional style of interacting. We all encounter people in business settings, who seem to be a bit awkward when it comes to balancing professionalism w/ authentic camaraderie. Jeff has such an integral style of interacting, that it would make the most stoic person comfortable. His approach in communication is very easygoing, yet professionally direct and always above board.

I was also struck by Jeff's devotion to his family. As a woman executive, that made me feel very comfortable. Jeff has such integrity about his actions, & interactions. It makes me feel very comfortable looking up to him as both my executive coach, mentor, and supervisor. Last but not least, Jeff's knowledge base, professional creative capacity, and skill set speak for themselves, especially within the context of the banking industry. He has created and continues to create programs that bring ease and understanding to the clients that utilize and implement them.

Keith Wharton.jpg

Keith Wharton

Manager - Mortgage/Trainer & Content Developer / LMS Administrator / Adult Learning Facilitator / Theatre Artist

As a facilitator, manager, friend, and now writer - Jeff is one of the most motivating people, manager, friends, and mentors that I am privileged and honored to have as part of my life. His books "Sales Rockstar" and "Treat 'Em Like a Rockstar" go to the essence of what a company and a person is looking for in customer service and sales excellence. The "Rockstar" analogy is spot-on and would be helpful within any profession to adopt Jeff's methodology.

Joseph Beale, MBA

Account Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent AG

Jeff came into our company to train our sales team on the EDGE sales model. Jeff offers a unique approach to his sessions using a mix of great enthusiasm keeping myself fully engaged throughout the training. Jeff does this by constantly incorporating personal sales attributes and creating a brand image for each sales person. I have attended several sales trainings in the past and was highly impressed with Jeff’s approach. I would recommend his training sessions to anyone that is looking to take their sales focus to the next level.

Jenna Morkisz

Territory Account Manager- Team Lead at Ivoclar Vivadent AG

Jeff's expertise in sales training has helped me to successfully manage my territory and build customer relationships. Jeff took the time to work with our department and provided us with new strategies for business development.

Jacob Smith

Territory Account Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.

Jeff came to my company and provided a sales training session for my department. The training provided incredible techniques for maximizing every conversation with our clients. Jeff also prepared a long term solution for our department to stay consistent in our sales goals. I would recommend Jeff's service to anyone looking to improve their sales force and maximize every opportunity.

Stephanie Sorrentino

Cloud Sales Specialist at Ingram Micro

I have been through several corporate training seminars and courses throughout my career. Typically when you hear corporate training as a sales representative you think of a long course where nothing pertains to your specific business and you learn some effective skills. With Jeff Krantz the training is tailored to your business and is primarily hands on. It allow the sales representatives to reflect on areas in which they need to improve and he also enables programs to help generate business. Along with a superior training program Jeff is very approachable and open to new ideas on concepts.

Whitney (Falkowski) D'Amico, MBA

Assistant Marketing Manager at Rich Products Corporation

As a marketer, I recently attended one of Jeff's sales training programs. I was amazed at how much I learned in just a day and a half! Jeff has great insight in to current trends and what is happening in today's business world. I have already begun to look at product marketing in a new light and have tried to incorporate some of his suggestions and ideas. I anticipate great results!

Joe Forster

Account Director at Accredo - An Express Scripts Company

I recently attended a sales training with Jeff. I have attended many different sales training programs over the years but the training I received with Jeff was very organized, detailed and mainly relevant. Jeff's targeted approach to sales training is more interactive, conversational and thus more engaging.

Scott Harper.jpg

Scott Harper

Territory Sales Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent AG

Working with Jeff was an absolute pleasure as he has a fantastic way of relating the Edge Sales Process to an individual’s selling and relationship style. He continually reminded me to focus on my strengths, minimize my weaknesses and to push myself just a little bit more for success!

Charles Keller

Top Revenue Generator in Digital Dental and CAD/CAM Capital Equipment Sales

Jeff is an accomplished professional sales trainer and coach. Although I spent only three days training with Jeff, I came to know him as an extremely competent and skilled advisor with abundant life knowledge and experience. His method of information delivery is natural and compelling. I've attended many sales trainings and Jeff's is by far the very best. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Frank Manfre

Business Coach and Consultant Leadership & Team Building

I have attended several multi-day professional sales development workshops in my 25 year career but Jeff's EDGE sales training was the most impactful. Jeff has an uncanny ability to take complex concepts and boil them down to simple to understand, easily digestible "bite sized" pieces with a straight forward action plan to ensure these great ideas and processes get put to use growing your sales and strengthening your client relationships.

Jeff is one of the very best facilitators and presenters I have encountered in my career, I highly recommend him for advanced sales training, leadership development, and Team building; he is a consummate professional.

Pat Foltz

Experienced Corporate Trainer and Developer

Jeff is a dynamic, powerful trainer/speaker. You won't be disappointed if he is at the front of the room.

Johnathan Cunningham

Senior Learning Designer

Working with Jeff has been a pleasure. I know the work I do will make a difference because of the hard work and dedication Jeff applies to his books and training materials. Jeff Krantz has an innovative vision that he communicates clearly and effectively—that's a leader worth learning from.

Roger Schapiro

Insurance Specialist

It is my pleasure to recommend the training,coaching and consulting services of Jeff Krantz you. During the past several years, our firm has worked directly with Jeff, on numerous consulting and training projects. His company offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Across the board, we are always pleased with his work.

Brandon Larkin

Regional Sales Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent AG

I have worked with Jeff in two different seminars as an attendee. His knowledge and enthusiasm are excellent and just what we needed for our management team.

Deborah Kassirer

Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Internal Audit and Advisory Services Manager: CPA, CIA, CRMA, CGMA, CICA, CCSA
Jeff gave a great presentation to our management leadership team regarding customer service excellence. Jeff is professional, on-point and informative. His strategies are timely and actionable. Thanks Jeff for all the great information!

Kimberly Allen

Sr Loan Officer, Amerifirst Financial, Inc, NMLS 431903

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Jeff Krantz's professional training classes and his delivery is engaging and thought provoking. Jeff is able to engage the audience, share real life stories relevant to the topic and he definitely shows his expertise which immediately gains the trust of the attendees. I would recommend Jeff's services to any company looking to experience immediate results from his training topics and delivery methods.

Constance Koulmey

Sr. Corporate Global Recruiter at RBC Bearings, Inc.

Jeff conducted an excellent presentation to the managers and was very motivating during our two-day seminar. I would recommend Jeff's Client Coaching services to other organizations and award him with an A+ Rating!

Roberta Favitta

Regional Sales Training Manager at Copier Fax Business Technologies, Inc.

I met Jeff at a seminar where he was the trainer. I found his style to be engaging and thought provoking. He was knowledgeable but open to other's thoughts and interests. Should I ever need sales training or soft skill development, I would seriously consider Jeff as a strong candidate.

Angela Massarelli

Market Trainer at Aflac

Jeff is an innovated thinker. It has been a pleasure working with him in developing our next sales training module.

Teresa Hauck, MEd HROD

Strategic Enterprise Change Consultant | Strategy and Execution Management Office

Jeff has a sincere desire for sales training program excellence as evidenced by his employment of leading-edge methods to maximize learning effectiveness. His experience in design (3-consecutive year APEX instructional designer) allows him to apply great passion to designing industry-leading training programs. Jeff has years of experience in leading fortune 500 companies to develop and deliver award-winning sales training. You get all of this and more in one package with a big plus – Jeff’s positive attitude, energy, enthusiasm, and creativity!

Prateek Tandon

Business Manager at Aflac

In my professional career of 20+ years, Jeff was one of the best senior executive I had a chance to work with. He is a great orator, trainer and an extremely well rounded and grounded professional. I look forward to an opportunity to work with him again in the near future and wish to learn more from him.


Ricardo Romero

Packaging Specialist at International Print & Packaging

Jeff's work with our Gintzler team has been spectacular, I plan on learning more from him as he continues to share his knowledge with us.

April Smith

We create Packaging solutions to help our clients sell more product.

Jeff has been a tremendous help and great resource for learning new and meaningful techniques for reaching out to current and future clients. I really enjoyed our 30-45 min sessions. He is very knowledgeable with utilizing LinkedIn as a networking source and I highly recommend his power sessions!

Carrie Meidenbauer

Gintzler International

Jeff has been such a wealth of information to help me to grow in my position and career. His coaching style is fun, insightful and creative! He has helped me to manage myself and to manage my sales team. Here's to many more years of working with Jeff!

Greg Gasiorczyk

Gintzler International

Jeff Krantz, since day one, has tailored his approach to my professional needs, even when in a group setting! Extremely knowledgeable and relatable, he has helped me gain new insight into market tools and social outreach techniques.
He is very knowledgeable about the best ways to make an impact whether by phone, email or LinkedIn. I am in the process of following his recommendations and have already seen good success with better understanding in bringing in new business!!!

Kent Noble

Packaging Specialist at Gintzler International

This man understands LinkedIn! The amount of useful information Jeff can impart in 30 minutes, about LinkedIn, will benefit you for years to come!

Anthony Perrone

Consulting Practice Director | Fractional CIO | Business Transformation Expert | Digital Strategy/Sustainability Zealot

I was recently privileged to participate in a Sales Training workshop at ProNexus' Annual Meeting. The session was facilitated by Jeff, who had previously worked with ProNexus shortly after it was launched over three years ago. While I generally enjoy participating in this sort of thing, I admittedly approached this session with a bit of skepticism. Over my 30+ year career I have participated in about a dozen of most of the leading sales training programs out there, designed to help boost professional services and other complex sales. What more was I possibly going to learn at yet another one?

My concerns were ungrounded. I came away delighted with the session, and motivated to take immediate action on take-aways provided by Jeff. Jeff is an extremely likeable and charismatic presenter and facilitator. Moreover, his pace is lively and energetic. He neither dwells on theory or brow beats. His approach makes intuitive sense, and belies his deft understanding of human psychology: that of the buyer AND the seller! I did not expect to have any major catharsis come out of this training or add anything material to my body of knowledge. While Jeff and his workshop fulfilled those expectations, it served, nonetheless to ignite a fire in me that will no doubt enrich my sales performance. Its all in the execution anyway, right?

Jeff, thank you for a lively and effective workshop. Your efforts helped further gel our management team, and provided us with a common language through which we can be more effective at collaborating on our business development efforts. I look forward to working with you in the future.


Margarita Gurri, PhD, CSP

Happiness & Communication Keynote Speaker, inviting excellence in Military, Corporate, & Athletic Teams w/ humor & skill Jeff is a gifted speaker, trainer, and coach with a focus on leadership development. A valued change agent, he inspires transformation for any professional and corporate team. He brings a strength born of a rich professional and family life that adds lasting value to his work.

Meline Kalendjian

Vice President / Beverly Hills Manager at Boston Private

I have had the pleasure to attend Jeff's training courses at HSBC as a Sr. Manager. Not only Jeff is a wonderful Public Speaker but he is a great motivator. His Sales Leadership Development course was very helpful for me to be a strong leader in my career. Any Financial Institution will be pleased to work with Jeff as he is a true expert in all categories of Training Facilitation, Wealth Management, Banking, Sales Leadership Development, Business Consulting, Sales & Marketing Integration Strategy. I highly recommend Jeff Krantz.

Nicole Jie Douchet

Wealth Management Client Relationship Consultant

When a trainer can electrify a room with their dynamic presence and incisive content, they can empower and enable sales teams to believe and shoot for the stars. I was lucky enough to see Jeff in action through various HSBC training platforms and the consensus among the different groups were that he was THE BEST. Top producers would change their schedules just to be in Jeff's class because they know that he is the only one who can add-value no matter what seniority they were. I highly recommend any team that is serious about becoming top of their class to consult with Jeff because in the past 6 years, he has been the inspiring voice to all HSBC teams.

Won Yi

VP & Manager

Jeff is an expert in providing highly refined instructions , whose teachings are critical in achieving our business goals. Personable and detail-oriented his approaches are highly recommended.

Richard C Kilfoil

Market Area Manager

I am pleased to be associated with such a caring articulate person. We have worked together in many organizations such as HSBC BANK.He was always professional, results oriented, and reliable I am delighted to recommend him to my clients.

Kathryn Wallace

Home Loan Specialist at Ridgewood Savings Bank

Jeff Krantz is an excellent trainer. His subject matter is very thought out. Jeff's presentation includes visuals for clarity of topic and is effective to drive home the message. Jeff's example situations are very relative to real life situations.

Ian P Sutherland

Business Analyst, VP

Working with Jeff was a very enjoyable and valuable experience. In the role of manager, Jeff has an extremely refined ability to lead his team toward the desired goal while utilizing their strengths and understanding areas of opportunity and improvement. As a trainer, Jeff is one of the most dynamic and confident speakers that I have ever worked with. In my opinion, he has mastered the skill of facilitating learning by introducing topics and guiding the group toward the learning objective in an organized yet organic way. Jeff is a great asset to any team he works with.

Cha Park

Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Retail Banking Officer at BBCN Bank

I attended one of Jeff's wealth management classes and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and very engaging.

He was extremely skilled at explaining abstract investment and insurance concepts in an easy to follow manner and often incorporated his real life experience into his teaching, which made his class far more interesting.

Several of my employees also commented that he was one of the best instructors they've ever had and gave him a very high rating in our survey.

Xavier W. Tsang

Deputy Director at Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco

Jeff is a very knowledgeable and highly demanded corporate trainer in our organization. He is skilled at training both senior managers and entry level associates. I highly recommend Jeff because after attending his training sessions, I was able to increase sales in my business units significantly and ultimately affected the bottom line.

Erik Eustice

Marketing Captain at Of the Sea, LLC

Wisdom is by far the more valuable of possible personal characteristics to possess. Jeff possesses a profound portion and wields it in a very controlled and deliberate manner. You never have to guess who Jeff's most concerned about in your relationship, either. It's you, always. Those traits fused with his accessible disposition and skilled delivery of just about any kind of information make him rare.

Jake Arnold

Director of Operations at Genesis PPG

Jeff Krantz is a good friend of mine, and he is an excellent public speaker. I have had the pleasure of hearing him teach on a number of occasions and I highly recommend him. He is an innovative thinker and a creative with his approach to communication. He has a reputation for being very thought provoking and informative in his approach.

Anthony Joseph Monetti - NMLS 404201

Mortgage Consultant at M&T Bank

Jeff was great to work with. He created an environment where people were motivated, enthusiastic and concerned about what was being conducted. Highly recommended.

Thomas Salvatore

AML Field Officer at HSBC
Jeff is the consummate professional. He is a terrific team player, and bring loads of enthusiasm into everything he does. He is extremely knowledgeable, and works well with project management teams. He is an outstanding facilitator with an amazing talent to accentuate the key learning points in his delivery. I have worked with Jeff for several years now, and can only hope for several more!

Chris Horn

VP- Commercial Lending at RSI Bank

I have had the pleasure of attending many of Jeff's training sessions while at HSBC. He is always well prepared and makes the subject matter easy to understand. He keeps his audience engaged throughout the entire process.

Michael DerCola

Retail Sales Manager at Bank of America

Without hesitation I would recommend Jeff Krantz. I found Jeff' to be well organized, dynamic and very enthousatic. Jeff is very comfortable speaker who delivers the material clear and concise.

Vadim Levkovskiy

Global Standards Training and Communications Manager at HSBC

I was lucky enough to meet Jeff during one of his visits to my branch and witness his training abilities. Jeff is an astute sales trainer and an exceptional motivator. Jeff is also the type of individual who will go out of his way to ensure that his coworkers succeed in their careers. I highly recommend Jeff Krantz.

Cindy Nostro

Premium Mortgage

Dynamic is the word that best describes Jeff. His high energy and ability to bring out the best in everyone, leaving only a positive trail behind is a true gift he enhances all of us with.

Michael Ynion

Senior Vice President & Market Manager, Commercial Banking - Silicon Valley at HSBC

Training programs under Jeff's stewardship are very much anticipated by our sales teams. His unique style of capturing the audience's full attention, coupled with his ability to draw participant opinion on the subject, creates a superior training session with value exceeding its intended objectives.

Jeffrey Rausch

Instructional Designer, Developer and Marketing/Communications Specialist

Jeff Krantz is incredibly high-skilled as a trainer and presenter, and he brings unique talents in the art of persuasion and motivation into his seminars. I believe the reason Jeff is so capable and successful is due to the depth of his sincerity and strong personal beliefs, which are obvious from the very moment that you first meet him. A special gift that I particularly enjoyed whenever I found myself in one of Jeff's training sessions, is his perfectly balanced use of multimedia to build enthusiasm and greater understanding in the classroom.

I have been very honored to work with Jeff during my entire career at HSBC Bank USA, N.A,. Several years ago, when my position there was eliminated during an H.R. reorganization, Jeff went to bat for me and did everything one could possibly do to help me eventually rejoin the Bank in another department, performing a similar role as an instructional designer and developer. I will be forever grateful for Jeff's kindness, authenticity and personal friendship!

Kathleen Robinson

Expert, Service Operations Practice at McKinsey & Company

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff on several training initiatives, including the High Trust Selling program for mortgage originators. I have been impressed with Jeff's command of the material, as well as his ability to present it in an engaging fashion. He has also been a good "thought partner" in discussing other opportunities to coach and train staff members.

Shawn Burgs

Education Management Professional

Jeff is a phenomenal leader, inspiring others through unique skills, talents, and creative genius. It was a pleasure to work with and for him!

Jason Wroble

Account Manager at National Mortgage Insurance Corporation

Jeff's energy just fills the room the minute he walks in. Jeff was our best trainer and truely miss having him as a co-worker. Anyone who brings him in to help with training is adding a valuable asset to your team!

David Fountaine, PHD, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Executive Operations Officer | Learning & Development Director | Human Resource Leader - Finance, Education, Consulting

Jeff Krantz is an outstanding and versatile trainer/facilitator. Jeff has extensive knowledge in a variety of leadership, sales and managerial subjects. His presentation abilities are excellent. I have had the opportunity to be in the audience for several of Jeff’s presentations. He completely engages the participants and always receives outstanding accolades from the group as evidenced by the feedback comments. A true measure of a trainer/facilitator’s success is to watch the participants at the end of the session. Jeff’s audience is always asking questions, seeking more information from Jeff. Any organization would be lucky to acquire Jeff’s services. He will make a difference for your organization.

Achim Nowak

Author/Speaker/C-Suite Coach/Internatonal Authority on Leadership Presence/Celebrates Life in The Moment

Jeff Krantz exudes exceptional poise, polish, and a wonderful regard for his audiences. Couple this with Jeff's impeccable knowledge of selling and relationship-building, and you have a truly remarkable trainer and keynote speaker!

Christopher Courage

Wholesale Account Executive

I had the privilege of working with Jeff at HSBC Mortgage Corporation. Jeff has the unique ability to take a complex subject matter and present it in a clear concise manner. His positive attitude and professional manner have won him the respect and friendship of his colleagues.

Janet Hoda


I had the pleasure of working with Jeff at HSBC Mortgage Corp, benefiting from his Sales Training classes. Jeff always demonstrated a strong passion for training his attendees to help them reach their goals and dreams. Jeff shows a genuine interest in each individual, making them feel as if they are the only attendee in the class. I would highly recommend the services and expertise that Jeff has to offer.

Terry Maddrell

Wholesale Account Executive at Associated Mortgage Div of Associated Bank

Jeff had always exhibited high quality communication skills and training abilities. His unique techniques for teaching and team building are excellent .his skill set can be used in many different capacities.

Leb I. Dixon, Master CMB

Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Loss Mitigation Officer at BB&T

I had the opportunity to work closely with Jeff during our careers with HSBC Mortgage (USA). I can honestly say that Jeff is one of the best Trainer's that I've had the opportunity to be associated with during my tenure in the mortgage industry. He was widely admired and respected by everyone he came in contact with. I would highly recommend Jeff for anyone looking to improve the overall performance of their staff regardless of the industry that you may be in.


Larry Frank

Experienced SBA Lender – Small Business Advocate & Advisor – Skilled Business Developer – Team Leader, Trainer & Mentor

Jeff is an incredible trainer. He facilitates the learning process by enabling people to learn. Through questioning and interaction within the "student" group, he ensures that the training information is heard AND understood. Jeff welcomes every question and those questions that are temporarily parked are answered within 24 hours, if not same day. His easy-going manner and communication style set every student at ease and open to learn the material. He is available to every student on a one-on-one basis for questions after the class or for continued discussion about a particular point of interest to the student.
I consider Jeff to be an excellent trainer.